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Founded in 2015 by John as a one-man show for writing mentorship, wellspringMEDIA has transformed into the full-stack marketing agency with the collection of experts you see today. While COVID had presented obstacles for some entrepreneurs, it also presented many opportunities to pivot and grow.


Back in March 2020, Brett, John, and Yogev started to collaborate on what has now come to be their flagship course,

Captivating Copywriting. 

Seeing the fruits of their labor turn into one of the most successful and comprehensive programs available on the market, clients began to reach out for help with copywriting and market strategy. One project became two. Two became many. And not long after, the three of them decided to create a partnership that combines all facets of a successful marketing funnel. 

The wellspringMEDIA team focuses on filling the gaps of a business and replacing the nearly right word with the right word to boost the bottom line of their clients. 



Wondering Wandering Wondrous Wayward Wordsmith

With over a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs improve communication skills and increase revenue through writing, John is who you hire to put power behind your words. His ability to see the bigger picture while also focusing on the nuances of running a business creates a complete path for clients to walk down.

Getting his start in the fitness industry, John was quick to make a name for himself as one of the top fitness educators in the space. His book Engineering The Alpha topped the NYT Best Seller list at #4, he's written hundreds of articles covering topics from business and marketing to fitness and self-development, and he's effectively helped generate well over 8-figures in revenue for clients.

John spends his time working on his upcoming books and crafts the vision for masterful marketing funnels and lays the gilded path for entrepreneurs to walk down.  


New York Times Best Seller
Writing Mentor
Tattoo Collector
Level 8 Paladin


Conscientious Creative Copy Connoisseur

A true chameleon of a writer, Yogev uses his keen attention to detail and empathy to take on the character of our clients and create cohesive copy. His ability to leverage the language of an audience allows him to better captivate, connect, and ultimately, convert first-time buyers into raving fans.

While a naturally talented wordsmith, Yogev didn't discover his love for writing until he'd found personal development and relational psychology. It all clicked when he started to see the association between suasive storytelling, compelling copywriting, and human connection. He went on to use his marketing degree and this newfound knowledge to create truly authentic messaging for clients.

Now, Yogev consults our 6, 7, and 8-figure entrepreneurs on how to grow profit margins by deepening connections with their audience—creating a tight-knit community of repeat buyers.


Copywriting Expert
Marketing & Personal Brand Strategist
Future Gushers Brand Ambassador
Former Pop Punk Musician


Sorcerous Salesman of Salient Solutions

One of the most compassionate communicators we've ever met, Brett's superpower is with his spoken words. It's in his ability to create a space where clients feel safe to express their needs—he's the ultimate consensual closer.

For years he's worked in the trenches raising money for bi-partisan lobbyists which means he essentially was selling the idea of "safety" to people who'd give non-taxable donations upwards of $100,000. 

With this superpower, Brett now guides our clients on bridging the gap from marketing to sales, creating a more cohesive revenue flow. 


Networking & Relationship Builder
Outbound Messaging Expert
Salsa Dancer Extraordinaire
Foreign Policy Geek
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