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The Key To Copywriting That Stands Out

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Show some personality: What makes you stand out—what makes you different from?

Earlier this year, I went on The DigitalMarketer Podcast to talk copywriting tips for 2022.

Now that the year is coming to a close, I'm looking back to audit what still works and what doesn't.

Wanna know still works? Personality.

In fact, personality wilI ALWAYS work in your favor when writing copy.

Of course, you need a good offer, one that serves your audience and fixes a core problem for them.

But let's get real here, value is subjective—it differs person to person.

Some will place value on time, quality, price, and assuming all of that is on par with the rest of your industry, the only common denominator left is you.

What you're writing about.

How you're writing it.

The way you're writing about it.

All of that matters.

Not only does your personality separate you from everyone else writing the same bullshit, but the way you connect with your offer and the things you're talking about actually pushes away the people who aren't the right fit for you while pulling in those who are.

Peek the podcast to hear what I mean:

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