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Vince DelMonte - The 7-Figure Mastermind


Vince is a leader in the fitness coaching space and has built quite a reputation for the results he gets for his clients. Even with so much social proof and name recognition, he struggled to get qualified prospects on the phone. 



Generating low-6 figures a month.



Consistently earning 7-figures a month without spending more on ads.

Tony Kasandrinos - Kasandrinos Olive Oil

  • Tony has always understood the importance of words and using copywriting to propel his business

  • Every time he improved his skills and used his knowledge to write a new email or sales page, Kasandrinos Olive Oil made money. 

  • The big issue Tony faced was sending email promos manually and he had a difficult time keeping up with the email marketing needs for his business.

  • Even though his olive oil was selling, it only sold when he had a direct hand in it and that needed to change—that's where we came in. 

  • Tony hired us to build out an entirely automated email marketing funnel that would boost sales by leveraging reminders, content, and coupons. 

  • Once all the automations were turned on, Tony generated $950,000 of revenue in under a month.   

Aurimas Juodka - Yogi Lab

  • Spiritual Hustler needed help communicating what they do and how they do it to their potential clients. They’re a personal development uplevel using meditation and that’s not the sexiest thing to sell to people. When you think about it, it’s closing your eyes and sitting in silence and it's difficult to convince someone to do that and the importance of it.

  • We helped him communicate that and attract the people who’d never be attracted to it if it was communicated as just mediation. Understanding that like-attracts-like we shared the stories of the founders knowing other people like them would be interested in learning more about their services.

  • In any business being able to clearly articulate what you do and how you help people with the words on the page is the most important part. 

  • At the end of our time together they received so much clarity on how to communicate what they do in every step of the funnel, the words they need to put on paper, and how to pitch it.

  • Now when Spiritual Hustler creates a new funnels they have their messaging dialed in to attract their ideal customers.

Derek Decater - Decater Performance

  • Derek runs a very successful brick and mortar gym in Seattle.

  • He’s been looking to make the shift to the online world and was doing all the work himself: copywriting, design, etc and realized to make this a viable revenue source he needed professionals.

  • What he thought was good wasn't converting the way that it needed to scale.

  • Instantly we helped him position the program in away that would get people to act, specifically to his current gym members.

  • In the first week he signed up 5 gym members resulting in $12,000 who were on the fence for the nutrition program for a while.

  • This gave him confidence that the online business can scale.

  • We took Derek through our process that changed his outlook to what copywriting is and what it needs to be to make it convert.

  • Each week as we revised and edited it he got more clarity and learned more about his own clients/future clients.

  • The biggest take away was understanding the research process and how important it is to truly know what’s happening in your prospects mind.

  • Now he has the confidence that when he runs ads behind the sales page he knows it will convert.

Bijal Patel - LAUNCH

  • If you're in a mastermind where copywriting is one part of a pillar you need to know that it’s going to be generalized and diluted .

  • Bijal already spent nearly $100k in a high end mastermind that covered copywriting but she could tell she was missing the mark. It was the difference between coming pretty good and actually amazing.

  • She was fluctuating between $35-50k/m in revenue for organic marketing, but when she decided to use Facebook ads to scale her business instantly she realized that those leads needed to be warmed up.

  • Being able to communicate to them in a constant way to connect with them and build a relationship which is very hard to do when they don’t know you so well. She ended up going through our course Captivating Copywriting and hiring us to teach her how to implement it. During our time together we critiqued her post on little tweaks on how to bring up her own sauce and personality.

  • We explained why some posts feel flat even after following a “proven formula” that was given to her from the mastermind. Immediately with these tweaks and adding her own voice, authenticity, and conviction she a massive uptick in engagement, inbound messenger requests, and people saying they really felt understood by her.

  • Now she knows what high quality world class copywriting does for her business. We showed her how to naturally show up as herself and understand the art and science of copywriting.

  • At the end of our container she hit a $140k/m but more importantly now she is running ads she knows exactly what to say and how to bring out her personality to attract her ideal clients.

Daniel Jacob - Everlasting Confidence

  • Daniel was stuck making $5-8k every month despite investing in a very famous business coach who he paid $17k. This coach taught him Facebook Ads, Webinars, etc but the copy wasn’t resonating his his ideal client. Yeah, he was getting calls booked, but he didn’t know how to speak to them which made a lot of those leads unqualified. 

  • When he started working with us we told him to stop burning money on ads, dial in his messaging,and test it in his Facebook group. Immediately he jumped to $20k and has done that consistently for the next 3 months. 

  • Even better, he was saving $3-5k a month that he used to be saving for ads and with the new messaging that speaks directly to his ideal client, he has the confidence that when hit $40-60k.

Peter Sage

  • Peter’s zone of genius is to be the visionary of the company and loves to delegate out tasks to his large team. However, he ran into the problem where his sales and marketing departments didn’t communicate. Marketing was writing messaging attracting who they thought was “a good fit” and sales was complaining that most people were broke. Rather than working together they viewed each other as competition. It wasn’t until we came in did that change. Quickly we made the sales department feed the marketing the exact words the prospect were using to describe their hopes, fears, and dreams. Then marketing would test that in their copy to attract the right people.

  • Shortly after the closers calendars were booked and wellspringMEDIA helped Peter generate over $1 million in sales.




​Highlight: Generated $300,000 at the height of the pandemic. 

Captivating Copywriting

Are you creating magic? Are you casting spells with your words? Are you dazzling your audience, your prospects, your clients with wordcraft that makes them eager to take action?

Let’s make it even simpler....

Think about your last piece of marketing: the most recent thing you created to tell the world about what you do, how it’s special, and why they should work with you.

Does it really reflect you? Do the words on that page, email, or caption truly describe what it’s like to work with you, learn from you, grow with you? Do the words showcase your talents, your skills, your heart? Does the writing make everyone who reads it excited to work with you?

It should.

And, I promise, it can with Captivating Copywriting: An unmatched copywriting course designed specifically for coaches, consultants, and online business owners who want to write high-converting, brand-enriching, personality-driven copy.

Practicum Veritae

Effective writing is the key to creating better content, generating more income, and leaving a lasting why do so many people avoid it? And why are so many okay just flat out sucking at it? I'm going to break down exactly why—and how to fix it.

If any of the following describes you…

  • You want to use writing to form a deep, lasting connection with your audience, but don’t know how

  • You write all the time, but you have no idea if you’re getting any better

  • You know you have something to say, but you can’t quite capture it in writing

  • You feel like your writing is "stiff" or boring

You are exactly in the right place.

Practicum is an intentional practice, course of study, or Process.

Veritae refers to capturing candid realism, or truth. In the context of writing, the embodiment of your truth is your Voice.

Taken together, Practicum Veritae means, “the practice of recording truth.”

And that’s our goal here.

Whether you're looking to start writing, improve your writing, or build new skills to enhance your communication, Practicum Veritae sets your feet to the right path.


​Highlight: Generated $158k in the first 8 months by writing in a very conversational style to our warm audience.


​Highlight: Launched on Clickbank that generated over $495,000 from a $47 offer from cold and affiliate traffic.

Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0

I wasn’t always hot. In fact, I actually used to be in pretty bad shape.


Then, eventually, I got sick of hating the way I looked, so I made a change. Years later, I figured out how to make changes even faster.


More importantly, I learned how to help others get hot, to create hotness. And HOW do I create hotness?


Well, with cutting-edge training programs like Final Phase Fat Loss.


And now, my team at Roman Fitness Systems has taken the FPFL system and developed a way you can use the same method completely at home...To create HOTNESS for YOU.


Final Phase Fat Loss is a rapid fat loss training program that uses the most effective training styles in the world to help you lose fat—not only from your body as a whole, but ALSO from your problem areas. 

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