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In most cases, when you first join the cool kid's table, you have to be indoctrinated. 

  • Sometimes that means bringing a box of your favorite snack to share with everyone.

  • Sometimes it's throwing a Mario Kart tournament at your place.

  • Maybe it's participating in a high-stakes game of "Truth or Dare."

Here, we just want to you do us one simple favor: Answer the call. 


You just received an email in your inbox that asks you to reply so your email server will recognize us going forward.


All you have to do is send us back "Glad to be here." 

Not only does it help keep our emails out of the spam folder, but it ensures you get all the advice needed to help uplevel your marketing and bolster brand equity sent straight to the inbox.

Fair enough? Great, now head over there and we'll see you tomorrow. 

Your Obedient Servant(s), 

The Gents at wellspringMEDIA

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